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RSM Parent Meeting

Date: March 17

Time: 4:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Location: The Gym

On Sunday, at 4pm, in the gym, on March 17th – yes that is St. Patrick’s Day, so you know what you should be wearing – we will be having a VERY IMPORTANT RSM PARENT MEETING. So, if you are the parent of a student who is in grades 6-12, then please plan on joining us! Parents and students are welcome. (After the Parent Meeting, we will have our first Sunday Night!)

Our goal will be to introduce some new programming to you, unveil some upcoming events, and to introduce all of our key staff and volunteers to the program. And…if you are there, we may be giving you some exclusive insider knowledge about upcoming summer trips that might help make some of these experiences just a little bit more affordable…that’s right…we’re not ones to shy away from giving our wonderful meeting-attenders something to make it worth their while.

So, please block off your calendar, and do all you can to be there!

Students are welcome, also!

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