Prayer is a vital component of one’s relationship with God. It provides an opportunity to communicate with the Lord, give thanks, seek guidance and forgiveness, and grow in faith. Through prayer, Christians can deepen their connection with God, receive comfort and strength, and align their hearts and minds with the will of the divine. Regular prayer is seen as an important discipline that nourishes the soul and strengthens the spirit.

If you have an URGENT prayer request, please call the church office (205) 987-4030 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday through Friday.

Join us in praying for our community.

Please ensure to obtain permission from any people to have their names included publicly.

Prayer Concerns

  • Members
    Richard Brazil
    Violet Chaffinch
    Bonnie Church
    Margie Crossman
    Hank Dahlene
    Bob Dreyfus
    Faye Flow
    Sallie Garvin
    Blake Hankins
    Anna Haynes
    Allen Head
    Nancy Holloway
    Hannah Kate Howton
    Jonathan Howton
    Lytle Hyde
    Debbie Lammons
    Lyn Lashley
    Eleanor McNair
    Dianna McQueen
    Judy McRae
    Caroline Meyer
    Kevin Newton
    Liz Ponder
    Shirley & Rusty Rigg
    Bob Rigney
    Bess Roberts
    Dianne Roberts
    Jan Sutton
    Norma Temple
    Bob & Peggy Thompson
  • Family & Friends
    Nancy Anthony
    Marilyn Brandon
    Greg Carrol
    Tom Foust
    The Jani Family
    Kate Kiefer
    Frances Long
    Jenny Manale
    Evelyn Miller
    Caden Nelson
    Nicole Olmstead
    Daniel Parsons
    Michael Parsons
    Charles Powell
    Sam Rainer
    David Rhodes
    Jennifer Romano
    Larry Russo
    John & Monica Shuleva
    Carol Thurman
    Jim Wilder
    Deboah Willard

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