All Ages & Stages – 8:30 AM

  • Description: This discussion format class studies a variety of Bible-based material. They are made up of singles and couples and plan fifth Sunday socials and support local and global missions.
  • Contacts: Glenn Antee (205) 296-2628 and Lanie Sweeney (615) 838-2297
  • Location: S23 (Riverchase Room C)

Young Adults (New Class) – 9:45 AM

  • Description: This class is for young adults in their 20s and college students home from school. Led by Pastor Scott Barnes.
  • Contact: Call the church office (205)987-4030.
  • Location: S26

Fireproof (Class for Engaged/Young Marrieds) – 9:45 AM

  • Description: Marriage and Bible-based studies
  • Contacts: Brad Snuggs (205) 743-9293 and Courtney Snuggs (205) 743-9280
  • Location:  S23 (Riverchase Room C)

Builders – 9:45 AM

  • Description: This class of couples discusses how the Bible applies to their everyday lives. They are involved in mission projects and plan monthly socials.
  • Contact: Shannon Wesley (205) 410-3955
  • Location: S29

Faith – 9:45 AM

  • Description: The class studies various spiritual and life topics presented in discussion and some video formats. We seek knowledge, wisdom, and a growing relationship with Christ through our lessons and time together.
  • Contacts: Craig Tolbert (205) 907-9247 and Kristi Tolbert (205) 937-0333
  • Location: E104

Hope – 9:45 AM

  • Description: This class for young couples enjoys Bible-based study and often discusses the topics of career, relationships, and family.
  • Contact: Brad Monk 205) 213-7226
  • Location: S21 (Riverchase Room A)

Journey – 9:45 AM

  • Description: This class of couples with children discuss marriage enrichment, parenting, and scripture study.
  • Contacts: James Jockisch (205) 807-4593 and Randy Snuggs (205) 335-9583
  • Location: E111

AIMS – 9:45 AM

  • Description: We are a group of mainly retired people, married and single. We use video-based series from Lucado, Hamilton, Dunham, Seedbed, and other sources. We enjoy social activities together. Come check us out!
  • Contacts: Barry Anglin (205) 910-3055 and Stuart Garrette (205) 919-4052
  • Location: S22 (Riverchase Room B)

Crosspoint – 9:45 AM

  • Description: Bible is our main resource. We study one Book at a time. The format is both lecture and discussion.
  • Contact: Joy Patterson  (205) 862-6101
  • Location: Fireside Room (Education Building) 

Cornerstone – 9:45 AM

  • Description: This easy-going class enjoys open discussion with varied lesson plans. Mixed curriculum, alternating bible study, and theological discussion 
  • Contact: Tom Lunsford  (205) 789-1152
  • Location: S28

Discovery – 9:45 AM

  • Description: The Discovery Sunday School class invites any adults looking for a fellowship group to join us in room  37  at 9:45 as we begin a study based on Billy Graham’s book “The Holy Spirit”. Our discussion-style class will continue with this topic until Advent. All are welcome!
  • Contact: Jana Branch (205) 218-3763
  • Location: S37

Explorers – 9:45 AM

  • Description: This discussion format class invites all ages to join them in Bible Study and how it applies to our lives.
  • Contacts:  Shannon Simmons (205) 821-6953 and Cynthia Smith (205) 215-3497
  • Location: E106

Friends In Faith (Singles) – 9:45 AM

  • Description: This class uses the Bible for verse-by-verse study. Socials and outings are planned.
  • Contact: Roberta Pierce (205) 215-0210
  • Location: E101

JOY – 9:45 AM

  • Description: This discussion format class uses Biblical background material as a base for their study. They include retired age as well as both singles and couples. Visitors are welcome and are always open to new members.
  • Contact: Susan Clopton   (205) 484-5454
  • Location: S188

New Beginnings – 9:45 AM

  • Description: This class is a combination of singles and couples over 60, and everyone is welcome!
  • Contacts: Mary Morrissey (205) 260-4035 and Carol Dowdy (205) 790-4645        
  • Location: S42 

Open Arms – 9:45 AM

  • Description: This class of couples is Bible based and discusses topics of interest to class participants from the Lifeguide Studies to guide lively discussions.  Socials are planned form time to time.
  • Contact: Ron Babin (205) 410-8373
  • Location: S10

Open Door – 9:45 AM

  • Description: This class of singles and couples uses a Bible-based study and special church-recommended studies. They enjoy fellowship and lunch together after worship on Sunday.
  • Contact: Lynne Shanks  (205) 381-0581
  • Location: S41

The Way-Word Class – 9:45 AM

  • Description: This class of mostly couples uses the Bible and sometimes bridge series with topical discussions.
  • Contact: Tim Wells (205) 919-5465
  • Location: S27

Circle of Light (Women) – 9:45 AM

  • Description: This class of single, married, divorced, and widowed women that want to learn God’s word through Bible study and to develop lifelong friendships with fellow believers.
  • Contact: Judy Tortorice (205) 616-0340
  • Location: S32

Noteworthy – 9:45 AM

  • Description: This discussion format class for choir members begins after the 9:45 Anthem is sung.
  • Contact: Mike Coffey (205) 999-2229
  • Location: MFA 207

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