Memorials: November 4 - december 2, 2018

Backpack Ministry

In memory of Bill Henry, given by Ralph & Lea Ann Procter; 

Jim & Connie Roberson; Jack & Vicki Nutter; Carolyn Keeney;

Grady & Phyllis Stone; Hal & Amy Ballard; Harry & Nell Craft;

Mike & Nancy Blanton; Dan & Nelda Newell;

Steven & Marilyn Patterson; Becky Lucas;

Benny Marney; James & Martha Evans; William K Dean Jr;

Lois & William Taylor; Fred S. Lloyd III; David and Janet Dias;

Harvey & Paula Campbell; John & Brenda Cook; Linda L. Henry.


Building Fund

In memory of Eddie Aldridge, given by Jack & Terry Standridge;

Glenn & Amy Morgan.

In memory of Louise Montgomery, given by Jack & Terry Standridge.

In memory of Barbara Turner, given by Mike and Lynn Coffey; 

Gilda Wilkerson; Angie Mangina.


General Fund

In memory of Frank Marsh, given by Peggy Bennefield.



In memory of Judy Thomason, given by Bill Thomason.


Lucy’s Hope

In honor of Dr. Greg Harrelson, given by Marian Dennis.


Music Ministry

In memory of Pat Bendall, given by James W. Bendall

In memory of Louise Montgomery, given by Ray & Nancy Miller.