Memorials: March 3 - 31, 2019

Adult Ministries

In memory of Sherri Savage, given by Ann Rhodes.


Backpack Ministry

In memory of Sherri Savage

given by Todd & Chani LaPore; BSA Troop 367.


Biblical Studies

In memory of  Earl Fredrickson, given by Leslie Linthicum.


Building Fund

In memory of Buzz Barrett, given by Mary Stovall; 

Ron & Betty Summers; Marian Dennis;

Tom & Dana Ballenger; Mary Lou Gilmore.

In memory of Herman Faulk, given by Marianne Faulk.

In memory of Richard McRee

given by Mr. & Mrs. Lytle Hyde; Marianne Faulk.

In memory of Lena Ragusa, given by Gilda Wilkerson.

In memory of Sherri Savage, given by Lucy Jordan; 

Jim & Carolyn Lewis; Marianne Faulk; Marian Dennis; Katie Cox;

Ron & Betty Summers; Marvin & Edna Shell;

Way Word Sunday School; Susana Lamantia;

Bob & Mary Lynn Brown; Melissa T Richardson; De Rice;

Leslie Linthicum; Rusty & Shirley Rigg; James Lewis;

Don & Marlene Jeffers; Tom & Marilyn Brooks; Glenn & Amy Morgan; Jack & Terry Standridge; Mark & Pam Bourgoin; John & DeeAnn Cox; Jason & Lucy Jordan; Alden Snow; Amy Knight; Darlene Byrne; 

Jeff & Valerie Collier; Bob & Peggy Thompson; The Cornerstone Class; Carl & Joann Gorday; Barbara Marston; Tom & Jan Hall;

Peggy Benefield; Quentin & Amy Morgan; Randy & Glenda Lott;

John & Nancy Stewart; Phyllis Baird; Stuart & Joan Garrette;

Bob & Ann Mitchell; Wade & Shirley Paramore;

Kenneth & JoAnn Harrell; Patsy Germany; Pam McCormick;

Ronald & Paula Taylor; Harry & Ann Clarke; Mary Stovall;

Drew & Marianne Dobbins; Tom & Dana Ballenger;

Jan Lavercombe; Suzanne Baker; Sally Holsonback.

In honor of the Savage Family

given by The Cornerstone Sunday School Class.


Christian’s Place (Nauvoo)

In memory of Col. Paul R. O’Mary,

given by Brion & Sharon Casey.

In memory of Geneal Rankin, given by  Sean & Sandra Rice; 

Aims Sunday School Class; Joel & Dianne Roberts; Agape Circle.


General Fund

In memory Eddie Aldridge, given by Merrill & Elizabeth Compton.

In memory of Thomas Battle, Sr

given by Mountain Valley Arts Council.

In honor of Clara Donald, given by Dan & Gwen Nelson.



In memory of Lena Ragusa,

given by Jim & Nancy Harper, The Way Word Sunday School Class.


Mission Fund

In memory of Hubert Wolbach

given by Carl & Joann Gorday; Bob & Jeanette Wyrick.


Music Ministry

In memory of  Buzz Barrett, given by Frank & Gene Jones.

In memory of Richard McRee, given by John & Madge Smith.

In memory of Sherri Savage, given by Glenn & Cathy Antee;

Frank & Gene Jones.


Organ Fund

In honor of Jim Savage, given by Howard & Susan Strickler.

In memory of Sherri Savage, given by Howard & Susan Strickler.


United Methodist Children’s Home

In memory of Sherri Savage, given by Bob & Pam Sartain.