Thank you for giving to Riverchase United Methodist Church. Your gifts help us further our mission of “Sharing the Joy of Christ” to our immediate community and across the world. Not sure what your tithe is, check out the linked Tithe Calculator.

2024 Intent of Giving Card

At Riverchase, we are grateful to be surrounded by incredibly generous people. This generosity allows our church to serve the needs of our community and make the name of Jesus known far and wide. We pray that you will take time to read the letter below and prayerfully consider your family’s giving for 2024. Also below is a digital Giving Card that you can fill out and email back to us at You can also fill out your card completely online by following the link marked “Engage”.


Our text giving number is (833) 273-1232. Text the word BUDGET and an amount, the word BLDG (for the building/early debt retirement fund) and an amount, or the word MISSIONS and an amount to the same number.

You can make multiple gifts with a single text by sending, for example, BUDGET 100 BLDG 50 MISSIONS 50 to (833) 273-1232.

Cash or Check

You can always give to Riverchase by cash or check. We have a time of giving during each service, or you can mail your gift to:

Attn: Mary Anne Levet
1953 Old Montgomery Highway
Birmingham, AL 35244


Other Ways to Give

Your Bank’s Online Options

Many banks now offer online bill payment services. These can be set up for one-time giving or for regularly scheduled gifts; each system is different but you can use the street address above and these email addresses: or If you’d like to use this option and need more information from us, please contact Mary Anne Levet.

NEW! Venmo for Non-Profits donations can be sent from your Venmo account. Our Charity account name is @RiverchaseUMC.

NEW! You can now use PayPal to donate! Go to, or using the PayPal app, send money to @RiverchaseUMC. You can also use the QR code below.




Legacy Giving

Permanent Endowment Fund

The Permanent Endowment Fund receives contributions and such proceeds are held in trust, invested, and become part of the Permanent Endowment Fund. Investment income and earnings from the endowment are directed to support missions, children and youth ministries, discipleship, special and extraordinary projects, and music ministries. No part of the principal is to be used but is to be held for the benefit of future generations. The Permanent Endowment Fund makes possible special ministry opportunities beyond the scope of the normal ministry budget.


A bequest is a transfer of an asset from a Riverchase United Methodist Church member or supporter to a Riverchase UMC mission or program that the donor wants to support either before or after death.

A bequest can be accomplished in any of the following ways:

  1. Specific amount of cash, investments, or property.
  2. Stated percentage of a specific asset.
  3. Residual amount left after other loved ones are provided for.

Ways to Participate

Remember the church in your will – A person can designate a specific cash amount or a percentage of one’s estate to be given to the Permanent Endowment Fund. This becomes a lasting legacy, a true testimony of one’s faith.

Make small (or large) periodic contributions to the PEF – These can be in memory or honor of someone or just contributions as a lasting benefit to the church.

Stock gifts – Specific stock(s) in a person’s portfolio can be given or left to the church.

Real estate – Gifts of real estate or personal property can be given or left to the church.

Investment vehicles – The United Methodist Foundation of North Alabam offers a number of charitable gift investment vehicles such as annuity trusts and unitrusts which allow a donor to receive a lifetime income and charitable gift tax deduction, all the while knowing they have remembered the church in a special way.

Life estate – Donors can create a life estate that allows the donor to live in his or her home guaranteed for life, with the home left to the church upon death. The donor receives a generous tax deduction when the Life Estate is created.

Charitable Gift Annuity – A donor can receive up to 9% on a Gift Annuity. This is a great return when compared to a certificate of deposit! A donor receives a great income stream that is fixed for life – income will never go up or down. In addition to great income, the donor also receives a generous tax deduction. At the end of the donor’s life, the remainder is transferred to the PEF.

Make the church an IRA beneficiary – Through the RUMC Foundation, a person may name the church as beneficiary of an IRA. Individuals named as IRA beneficiaries often lose 50% of the proceeds to taxes. Naming the church as a beneficiary eliminates the taxes and the full amount goes to the church.

Payable on death (POD) – A person can designate a certificate of deposit to be “POD” to the church. At the end of the donor’s life, the bank transfers the funds to the church.


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