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Christmas Eve

Date: December 24, 2023

Time: Services Throughout the Day

Christmas Eve – Morning Services
4th Sunday of Advent
9:45 AM Traditional – Rev. John Ray
11:00 AM Modern – Rev. Tony Johnson
*No Sunday School for Children or Youth

Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion Services:
3:00 PM& 5:00 PM Traditional – Rev. Tony Johnson
7:00 PM & 11:00 PM Traditional – Rev. Nancy Harper
5:00 PM Modern – Kristi Rodgers & Rev. Nancy Harper

Service Livestreams at 3 & 7 PM:
3:00 PM Livestream
7:00 PM Livestream

Something New at the 3pm Christmas Eve Candlelight and Communion
While all our services will be family friendly…Our 3pm Christmas Eve Candlelight and Communion service will be SUPER KID friendly! While it will remain a fun but reverent service, key components will be led by our children. Not a cutesy pageant but a serious service with children reading the Christmas Story. In addition, they will be responsible for other serious key pieces of worship. Our Children’s Choir will also be performing during the service.

New Light Options for Kids on Christmas Eve!!
As you enter this service, and all other Christmas Eve services, children will have a choice of light. Candle or Glow Stick for Silent Night as we end the service by Candlelight and now Glow Sticks too! This will allow many to participate safely without the fear of lighting someone on fire! :-0  It will be the parent prerogative as to which they should have. No Glow Sticks will be provided for adults!
So, beginning this year all services will be Christmas Eve Candlelight/Glow Stick and Communion Services.

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