ENGAGE is an online system that allows you to manage your own information in the church’s database of addresses and phone numbers, allows you to see contact information for other church attenders who are in the same groups that you are, can be bookmarked to your phone’s home page for easy access, and is the new portal for online giving.

Creating an ENGAGE account

Select “Create Account”, which is directly under the blue “Sign In” button. Your ENGAGE account is tied to your church database record by email address.

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Online Donations

Under the blue “Sign In” button, there is a “Create a Gift” button. You can either sign in, or give as a guest; you’ll be given an opportunity to create an account at the end, if you like.

There are three options – Building & Budget, Mission Focus, and Other Missions. The “Mission Focus” is restricted to just the current & one future month’s Mission Focus; all other missions are available on the Other Missions page.

Adding ENGAGE to your cell phone home screen


From an iOS device running Safari, tap the Share button on the navigation bar

Tap “Add to Home Page”, rename if you like, and tap “add”.


From an Android device running Google Chrome, tap the Chrome Menu icon

Tap “Add to Home Screen”, rename if you like, and tap “add”.

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