We want to provide you a systematic, visual way to always know what your “next step” is for spiritual growth. This is for first timers to seasoned vets. There’s always a next step.

This is a living document; it’s not perfect or complete. It will grow with the church. Guy Kawasaki, once the chief evangelist for Apple, at a leadership conference said they often rolled out products that they knew had kinks in them. Then consumers would tell them what needed correcting. you can catch the vision of things to come, even though it’s a work in progress.

The Discipleship Portal is a simple flowchart consisting of “Yes” and “No” questions, contained in blocks. Each answer leads you to a new place on the flowchart. The goal over one’s lifetime will be to answer “yes” to as many blocks as possible. For that reason, the Discipleship Portal is not linear – you can jump all over the place as you answer “Yes” to some and “No” to others.

Stay tuned to the portal, it will continue to change. Enjoy!

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