Bible Studies

aVAILABLE Bible Classes

Read the list below to find the Bible study that is right for you. Click the register button below to register for a class.


Messy People (Women’s Study) - Starting September 9th at 9:15 AM; Led by Heather Monsma (book cost $12)

  • You don’t have to endure a messy life-learn to THRIVE!

Men’s Bible Study - Ongoing; 6:00 AM; Led by Jay Young

  • Bring breakfast, enjoy fellowship, and study Scripture with a group of men from Riverchase. 

WEDNESDAY MORNINGS (All start August 14)

 Ten Men of the Bible - at 9:30 AM (60 min); Led by Joel Roberts (book cost $15)

  • Study and discussion of men whose lives were marked by scandal, intrigue, and failure- yet all were used by God for His purposes in the world.

Adam Hamilton’s Bible Highlights - at 9:30 AM (90 min.); Led by Rev. John Ray (Half Truths) (book cost $13)

  • This class will feature three of Adam Hamilton’s titles back-to-back: John- Gospel of Light and Life, Half Truths, and

    Simon Peter.

Deepening Your Walk with Christ - at 9:30 AM (90 min.); Led by Rev. Nancy Harper (Discovering Our Spiritual Identity) (book cost $14)

  • How do we walk with Christ- daily follow Him, grow in Him, and faithfully serve Him? 

Live Hopefully (Women’s Study) - Starting September 4th; at 11:00 AM (90 min.); Led by Linda Hinchman

  • A study of Nehemiah. Learn to claim hope as a positive expectation in your life.

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS (All start August 14)

Disciple 1 - Fast Track! - at 6:00 PM (75 min); (New Testamentand Old Testament) (book cost $13 or both for $25)

  • A re-design of the original, this whole-Bible-overview study is a great way to jump into getting comfortable with the Bible.

Affirming Our Beliefs - at 6:00 PM (55 min); Led by Rev. Ross Furio (Affirm) (book cost $10.50)

  • Once we have Confirmed our beliefs- how do we AFFIRM them? This 12-week study will look at God’s call, the World’s Need, and Your Purpose, as well as our creeds.

Who Does He Say You Are? (Women’s Study) - at 6:00 PM (75 min); Led by Courtney Snuggs & Janna Steele (book cost $11.50)

  •  A look at 12 women from the Gospels transformed by Christ.

Jeremiah, Daring to Hope (Women’s Study) - at 6:00 PM (55 min); Led by Judy O’Neil (book cost $11)

  • Don’t let failure and life’s hectic pace kill your hope. 

Tough Biblical Texts - at 6:00 PM (55 min); Led by Rev. Clay Farrington (No Text)

  •  Unravel Scripture you rarely hear preached from the pulpit.

Discerning Voice of God (Women’s Study) - at 6:00 PM (55 min); Led by Lanie Sweeney (book cost $10)

  •  A Priscilla Shirer study that seeks to more deeply understand the Holy Spirit’s role in your life.

How Do You Walk the Walk You Talk?  Led by Ray Miller (55 Minutes, text In class)

  • This study and the Holy Spirit can help to guide you into a deeper understanding of God's Word. This study of vital passages from Ephesians will help you discover what God says about the lifestyle of a true believer. And it will equip you to live in a manner worthy of your calling--with the ultimate goal of developing a life marked by maturity, Christlikeness, and peace.



John’s Letters - Starting September 5th;at 9:30 AM; Led by Gayle Bingham (book cost $7)

  •  What is the essence of life-changing faith?

Connect (Millennials Study) - Ongoing; at 6:30 PM 

  • Join a group of millennials as they study relevant topics and Scripture. 


Christian Believer - Starting August 18th; at 5:00 PM (120 min); Led by Rev. John Ray (2 books cost $40)

  •  A 30-week overview of basic theology. This class reads Scripture to understand the Church, its creeds and practices.

Confirm! - Starting August 18th; at 5:30 PM (120 min); Led by Debbie Ward & Bob Kristofco (book cost $13)

  • Confirmation for Grown-Ups! A nice review of what you’ve forgotten or never learned about the church.

1 Timothy - The Church the Pillar and Support of the Truth (Precepts study) - Led by Ray Miller Sept 8 through Oct 27. 6:00PM to 7:30PM (text In class)

  • How are the people in the church to behave? What happens when we hear teaching that is not the truth? Timothy, a young pastor, was told the answers to these questions in this letter written to him. It contains some doctrine, but also very practical instructions for how people in the church are to live. Study will be 9 weeks with the first meeting to introduce the study and distribute the materials.