* E is Education/Office Building ** S is Sanctuary Building

8:40 AM

Retirement Age

Seekers . . . The majority of this class is past retirement age. They enjoy a rotation of guest teachers in a lecture format. Sue Tubbs is the contact, in room S210 (Sanctuary, Upper Level).

Various Ages

All Ages & Stages . . . This class studies from a variety of Biblically- based material. Discussion format, everyone welcome. Glenn Antee leads, in Riverchase A (Room 21). 

9:40 AM

20s — 30s +

Young Adult Class! . . . Warm welcome and thoughtful discussion on today’s faith issues. Meets in Room 31. Jay Benefield and Lana Blackmon are the contact.

30s – 40s

Journey . . . A class for couples with young children that focuses on spiritual growth & fellowship. James Jockisch and Randy Snuggs are the contacts. Room 130A.

The Cross Roads . . . Seeking God’s will at life’s crossroads. A class for young couples (30s-40s) who are concerned about careers, relationships, and families. Eve Harney is the contact. Meets in the Fireside Room.

DINKS . . . Dual Income Numerous Kids. This class of couples enjoy Bible-based studies, lively discussions, mission projects and social events. Harris and Cyndi Wheeler lead, in Riverchase A (Room 21).

Builders . . . This class of couples discusses Biblical passages and applies them to their lives. They are involved in mission projects and have monthly socials. Amy Campbell is the contact. Meets in Room E111.

Faith . . . This class of couples is seeking daily application of Scripture, fellowship with other couples of similar values and interests. Regular socials. Craig and Kristi Tolbert are the contacts. Room E104/5.

40s — 50s

Discovery . . . Primarily for parents of middle and high school youth whose mission is to discover ways to disciple and share joy. Gina and Tom Horn lead. Meets in Room 37.

The Way-Word Class . . . A Bible-based approach to theology and social issues. Tim Wells is the contact. Room 27.

Explorers . . . This class of couples is dedicated to studying the word of God and applying it to daily life. They have a discussion format and invite all ages to join them for meaningful Bible study. Alan Christian teaching in Room E106.

40s—60s +

Open Arms . . . This Bible-based class is faith oriented with Christian issues, discussion, some videos, and socials during the year. Ron Babin is the contact. Meets in Room 10.

Cornerstone . . . A group of easy going members who can be best described as having open discussion, high participation, and varied lesson plans. This class holds quarterly social fellowships. Jeff Forman is the contact. Meets in Room 28.

Open Door . . . This class is for couples who like Bible study, want to get involved in missions, and enjoy social activities. Lessons are taught by Byron Carden and Steve Shanks. Meets in Room 11.

AIMS . . . This couples class of 60 and above baby boomers enjoys socials and has several mission projects. This is a lecture-based class that includes both Bible study and family matters. Barry Anglin is the contact. Meets in Room 22 (Riverchase B).

Cross Points . . . This class is for the baby boomer generation with discussion on both Bible and contemporary issues. Joy Patterson is the contact. Meets in Room 23 (Riverchase C).

JOY . . . This is a discussion class based on Biblical background material. The class has a wide range of ages, including singles and couples. Marian Dennis is the contact. Meets in Room S210 (Sanctuary level).

Friends In Faith . . . A class of individuals who study God’s word for practical, daily application. This group offers a variety of both social and community service activities. Roberta Pierce is the contact. Room E103.

Various Age Groups

Circle Of Light . . . This class is just for women! They share lively discussions about Bible passages and matters of spiritual growth. Jeni Warden teaches in Room 32.

Whosoever . . . Scriptural study and discussion, along with topics related to church history. Meets in Room 26. Contact John Driver, 799-2890, or Ken McClure, 966-8560.

Noteworthy Class . . . Most of the people in this class are in the Choir, so class begins after the 9:45 Anthem is sung. Discussion is based on a variety of topics. Mike Coffey is the contact. Meets Room 29.